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State of Art In-House Production Facilities.

The quality and output capabilities of the final product are reliant primarily upon the class of raw materials used during the manufacturing process. At Svasca industries for production purpose, utmost focus is upon selecting only but the finest raw materials, hence complying with the applicable standards.
SVASCA is well equipped with comprehensive in house processing facility of major raw materials, which helps cater to our customers with quality products, while simultaneously ensuring earliest delivery.

Copper / Aluminium Wires & Strips :

SVASCA is fully equipped with latest technology plants and machinery for purposes of execution, drawing and insulation of Copper / Aluminium wires & Strips.
Wires and strips are manufactured by continuous extrusion machine, which lead to bright annealed material free from any dust or surface defects that is most suitable for further insulation.
Svasca Industries manufactures Bare, Enamelled, Paper Covered, Fibre Glass covered, Nomex covered Copper / Aluminium wires & Strips for self consumption and to comply with the customers requirement.


SVASCA is fully equipped with automatic CNC Controlled core cutting machines, with automatic stacking table, to execute CRGO core lamination processing works. CRGO of various grades is imported from JAPAN, USA, UK, KOREA & RUSSIA. Further to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, the company has invested in automatic slitting machine and roller earth annealing furnace that together proficiently managed the cutting works. The stated equipment assists with reduction in iron losses, helps magnetising current and controls noise levels. Produce is used in-house and for sale.


SVASCA is well equipped to manufacture pre compressed press board’s components, as outlined in the drawings and specifications. the company works on the components like Strips, Dovetail Spacers, Rings, Washers, Plates, winding end rings, clamping rings and cylinders in absolutely dust free and clean environment, which helps maintain the desired quality & accuracy levels of the end product.

Tank and Radiators:

The needed plant & machinery to manufacture premium quality transformer tanks, clamping channels, corrugated panels and pressed steel radiators is installed at the SVASCA production facility. To eliminate any possibilities of leakage, all tanks and their fittings undergo a 100% UV and pressure test, post being subjected to grid blasting. The painting is done by flow method to ensure full paint coverage.

Our Strength:

- Highly innovative and experienced design team.
- Extremely dedicated and experienced after sales team.
- Advance - modern assembly line and process.
- Advanced and automated testing facilities.
- State of art internal quality standard.
- Total in-house raw material processing under one roof.
- The products are Type Tested from NABL Accredited Lab viz. CPRI, ERDA, NTH